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In January 2011 five budding actors got together to create the next generation of ‘Am Dram’. Our first production (Departures by John Godber) was entered into the Bromley Theatre Guild Festival and was received very well with large audience attendance. It also got Leap their first nomination (Best Actress in a minor role).


Leap likes to set itself apart from other groups by trying new styles of theatre and pushing the boundaries. We are also a very social group, thats why we hold our rehearsals in a pub. We are all about enjoyment and fun.


We aim to bring fresh new ideas to the stage, with of course some classic ‘Am Dram’ thrown in too. We perform three to four shows a year with additional fundraisers and events.


We are always looking for all kinds of talent including actors, directors, sound and lighting, costumes - the list is endless. If you can help in any way or you just want a new social group to join then ‘Leap Productions’ is the place for you….